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Our Privacy Policy

At, your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Both and our associates make it our goal to ensure your sensitive information is not misused. We do not trade your information to others, and we will not sell it or use it for any purpose other than helping you to find the right life insurance for you.

Moreover, we will also use your information to help you apply for life insurance if you decide you want to do so. We employ a properly secured website with the latest encryption methods along with other top-of-the-line security measures.

Details About the Type of Information Collected

At, we won't push you into inputting any personal information that you don't feel comfortable giving out. If there is any information you don't want to give us, feel free to refrain from entering it on whatever page asks for the information.

Personal information is any information that helps to identify a person. This includes data such as your age, name, and other identifiable information. It also includes contact information such as your address, phone number, and your email address.

How Your Personal Information is Utilized

If you decide to give us your personal information, we will only use it as described earlier. However, we will license, trade, or reveal this information only if the following occurs:

  • You clearly and expressly allow us to do so
  • We provide a service or offer a product to you
  • We are permitted to do so in a certain manner by law
  • We need to do so in order to allow our agents to provide services or offer products to you
  • We disclose it to marketing providers with which we have special agreements

Concerning Data We Collect from Children

Protecting the privacy of all people of any age is of the utmost importance to us. Because is a general audience website, children have the ability to access the site. However, personal information is not consciously collected from them.

Moreover, we don't provide services or offer our products to kids. We are in accordance with the law and will not consciously take information submitted by anyone who is less than 13 years old; they aren't allowed to give us their information. This is in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

Specifying Who Has Access to Your Personal Information

We go the extra mile to keep your sensitive information safe. We don't allow anyone other than our own employees, the employees of our associates, and the employees of our partners in marketing to access your information. If there is anyone else who helps us offer you our products and services, they'll have access to your information. The proper electronic and physical security measures are employed to protect your information offline and online.

Policies Concerning Links and Other Sites

At, we want everything to be as convenient as possible, so we may have a few links on our site to other websites. These linked websites are not under our control, and we don't endorse these sites or their products and services. We also don't endorse their particular privacy policies and have no control over them. The content and information found on other sites is not endorsed by us, either. These other sites may have a different privacy policy than us, so we advise you to read it thoroughly.

How We Use Certain Data Collection Tools

At, we use a few data collection tools such as cookies. Cookies are a safe piece of information that is placed on your computer to better your experience with our website. Cookies don't infect your computer or transmit viruses. Some cookies have to be erased in order to go away, while others will be deleted after a certain amount of time.

Cookies are very useful; we use them to compile data about how you use our site, and this helps us to improve your user experience. They also keep track of your specific preferences or store login information so you don't have to retype it constantly.

Our cookies won't store or use your personal information, and your general internet usage will not be tracked, only your usage of our site.

Changing Our Privacy Statements

Over time, the contents of this privacy statement may change in some way. A change could occur at any time. This privacy statement is not a contract of any kind. No legal right of any kind is created by this statement for any party. If you have additional questions about anything concerning our website, privacy statement, or other matters, please visit our Contact Us page, and send us an email. We're also here to provide you with any further information at your request.