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Burial Insurance for Seniors

Burial insurance is one of the cheapest forms of life insurance available and is a popular form of life insurance among senior citizens. The low cost of burial insurance makes it ideal for those who have limited money and who are in need of some sort of life insurance. Burial insurance features several other benefits that may make it a more suitable choice over standard life insurance.

No Medical Exam

Applicants for burial insurance are not usually required to undergo a medical exam before receiving coverage. Most of the time, any health-related information can be discussed on the telephone. While more stringent policies may not cover someone who has a minor to moderate health problem, these are generally not a deterrent to receiving burial insurance.

Affordable Coverage for the Budget Conscious

Burial insurance is offered in different amounts, depending on your present condition. The traditional form of life insurance covers the entire life of the insured. This type of insurance offers coverage up to $1,000,000 or more and is intended to cover the expenses that are incurred when a spouse or other family member dies and leaves dependents behind. Burial insurance, on the other hand, offers coverage up to $50,000 and is designed to cover basic funeral expenses with perhaps a small amount left over. Burial insurance will not cover large debts or exorbitant funeral expenses. Because burial insurance does not offer such large amounts in coverage, it is more affordable for those whose cannot afford more expensive life insurance.

No Wait Period

While many burial insurance companies require a wait period before providing coverage, this is not always the case. With certain companies, it is possible to receive coverage immediately after death, even if death should take place a day or two after the policy is established. A policy such as this makes funeral preparation and other related tasks easier to accomplish for the family of the deceased.

Perfect Health Not Necessary

While more stringent types of life insurance may require that the applicant have a certain level of health and fitness, this requirement does not exist with burial insurance. Applicants are not required to have a medical exam or be in a state of good health before receiving coverage.

Because there are many burial insurance companies to choose from, it is important to make sure that you select the company that best suits your needs. If you feel that you will require coverage soon, choose a company that offers payout immediately.

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Senior Life Insurance can also sometimes be referred to as "Burial" Insurance, "Funeral" Insurance, "Final Expense" Insurance or even "Guaranteed Issue" Life Insurance. Choosing the correct type of insurance and amount that's best for you is a complex financial decision and can be rather complicated. The articles provided here may give you a better understanding of what's best for you.